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There are a wide variety of sports that other than just football and today we shall talk about three of the being dodge ball, netball and basketball. For us to discuss these sports we need to know first how these games are played. we shall discuss dodge ball first, for you to win or conquer your opponent team you need to do the following, one is to hit you opponent with a ball often called a ‘live throw ball’.

If in the course of the game your opponent throws a ball at you, you can catch the ball before it falls in turn you end up eliminating the player. The opponent team can also be eliminated if they fail to keep a hold on the ball that was thrown at them or if the ball that they had caught falls by being hit by another ball in defense. Now since you know how to eliminate the players there is time, this games takes a duration two times twenty minutes halves and in any case there are a few breaks then the time might change.

The game also is played indoors. The teams needs six players including a woman and a man which is compulsory. the next sport is netball, with this game unlike dodge ball you do not hit the ball at your opponent in the hopes of hitting them unlike how similar they seem. With netball you need to keep safety in the first line since this game takes a lot of muscle and bone movement which if not carefully done may lead to terminal damage. Fortunately for us there are simple ways for doing that.

One is that you need to train properly and regularly to ensure that you are fit for the game it is also important since it helps your bones become stronger and toned, during this training you need to follow the protocol to the latter in order to avoid injuries even before the actual game starts. Most importantly you need to have a reliable team and a very well trained and experienced coach. Then there is basketball this game has become a multinational phenomenon, in order to get so good at this game just follow he simple steps below. For you to be successful in the game of basketball you need to follow these simple steps.

Read a lot of the play books, it might sound boring but knowing many plays will save you a lot of hustle. Two, watch a variety of basketball videos, previous games from great players and even guides on how to succeed In this field. Practice is three, play the game to know the game and keep your focus and determination in check.
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